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Food Litigation Year in Review 2018

Perkins Coie is pleased to present its third annual Food Litigation Year in Review, offering a summary of the year’s key litigation outcomes, regulatory developments, and filing data. Last year, pointing to uncertainty at the appellate level, Perkins Coie predicted continued litigation in 2018. Using metrics from our proprietary database, developed by our food litigation team … Continue Reading

Food Litigation Year in Review

Perkins Coie has published its first Food Litigation Year in Review, covering key developments and trends in food litigation for calendar year 2016.  The Year in Review’s key insights include data-driven assessments of how (and where) the plaintiffs’ bar has continued its assault on the food industry in 2016. That data reflect the filing of … Continue Reading

Food Contamination Claims and Recalls: Is Your Business Covered? – Part III

Part III: Product Contamination and Product Recall Insurance As the actual or threatened contamination of food and other consumable products has become more commonplace, insurance companies have developed and marketed specialized insurance policies to cover food manufacturers against the costs they incur as a result of this contamination. In this final installment of our three-part … Continue Reading

Food Contamination Claims and Recalls: Is Your Business Covered? – Part II

Food Contamination Coverage Blog Post Part II When tainted peanuts were discovered in a peanut butter processor’s plant, the raw peanut stock had to be destroyed and the manufacturing equipment sanitized before processing could resume. The food processor and its exclusive distributor suddenly had no peanut butter to sell, and they had lost their primary … Continue Reading

Food Contamination Claims and Recalls: Is Your Business Covered? – Part I

Part I: Commercial General Liability Insurance Over the last few years, the number of recalls of food products for alleged contamination and undisclosed ingredients or other mislabeling issues has risen drastically. This is the first in a three-part series designed to help food product companies navigate the challenging insurance issues posed by food contamination losses … Continue Reading

Baby Food Recall Covered Under Insurance Policy

Insurance companies typically argue that a policyholder’s liabilities arising out of a product recall are only covered, if at all, under a specialized product recall policy, and not under more widely purchased standard-form general liability policies. A recent federal court decision has rejected these arguments, and held that a general liability policy was triggered to … Continue Reading