Each month we will be sharing the PC Food Litigation Index, a summary of latest class action filings in the food and beverage industry.  This data is compiled by Perkins Coie based on a review of dockets from courts nationwide.

In March, plaintiffs challenged a variety of food labeling and marketing claims, with most filings falling into the general false fact category. Claims in this category contested the labeling representations on products ranging from eggs and kombucha to quinoa snacks and spring water. As trendy, premium ingredients—like quinoa—make more frequent appearances on product labels, plaintiffs’ counsel are seeking to challenge the quantity of  those ingredients in a given product. Several claims continued the trend of targeting food and beverage labels that state or seem to suggest products or their ingredients are sourced from certain locales. Slack-fill lawsuits made up the second largest category of food litigation filings, where candy packaging remains a frequent target. Filings are down slightly from a year ago, though some jurisdiction such as Illinois have seen increased food litigation activity.

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