Marshall et al v. Monster Beverage Corp., No. 2:14-cv-6311 (C.D. Cal.): in this putative class action alleging that Defendant misrepresents its Hansen’s, Vidration, Blue Sky, Energy Pro, Diet Red, and Blue Energy products as being “Natural,” “100% Natural,” or “All Natural” when they actually contain color additives and synthetic ingredients such as citric acid and erythritol, Plaintiffs moved unopposed for preliminary approval of a proposed class settlement.

The terms of the proposed settlement are as follows: (1) Defendant agrees to revise certain Hansen’s product labels; (2) Defendant agrees to provide each eligible class member that files a claim with either (i) a cash payment of $0.50 per eligible purchase for up to 20 purchases or (ii) a $1.00 off merchandise certificate per eligible purchase for up to 20 purchases; (3) Defendant agrees not to oppose an award of attorneys’ fees for up to $282,000; (4) Defendant agrees to pay each class representative an incentive award of up to $1,000; and (5) Defendant agrees to bear all costs associated with settlement implementation, including the cost of hiring a settlement administrator. Order.