Following our previous post regarding the conviction of Midamar Corporation’s founder, Bill Aossey, brothers Jalel and Yahya Aossey, executives of Midamar Corporation, have entered plea agreements shortly before their jury trial was scheduled to begin on charges similar to their father.  Bill Aossey was found guilty in July 2015 on 15 counts of conspiracy, making false statements on export certificates and wire fraud.  Bill Aossey had directed Midamar employees to remove the slaughterhouse-of-origin numbers from the packaging of meat received from a plant not approved for export into Indonesia and Malaysia and replace them with numbers from an approved plant prior to export.

Midamar Corporation and Islamic Services of America (ISA) (the corporation’s halal certification arm) also pled guilty to a single count of conspiracy.  A preliminary order of forfeiture has been entered requiring these Defendants to pay a judgment of $600,000 to the government.  All Defendants are otherwise awaiting sentencing.