About 17 months after announcing a proposed rule that would require listing the amount of “Added Sugar” in food products in the Nutrition Facts label, the FDA has proposed an amended rule that would also require listing the percentage daily value for added sugar.

Following consumer research and the issuance of additional scientific evidence establishing a link between reduced consumption of added sugar and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, the FDA has concluded that consumers would be better able to utilize information regarding the amount of added sugar in the context of their total diet if they were also provided a percentage daily value.

The FDA is proposing to establish the Daily Recommended Value for added sugar at 10 percent of total calories.   This equates to 50 grams of added sugar for children four years of age and older as well as adults, and 25 grams for children aged one to three. The FDA is not proposing to establish a DRV for Total Sugar for lack of scientific evidence.

The FDA is also proposing to change the heading “Sugar” to “Total Sugar” so that the reference to “Added Sugar” can be better understood.

Comments on the proposed rule changes must be submitted by October 9, 2015.