On February 27, 2014, the FDA proposed to update the Nutrition Facts panel on packaged foods labels in a number of ways.  Some of the key proposed changes are:

  • Revising the format to emphasize total calories, serving sizes and Percent Daily Value;
  • Updating serving sizes to more accurately reflect the amounts people currently eat and drink;
  • Requiring information on a per-serving and per-package basis where a package contains more than one serving but could be consumed in one serving;
  • Requiring information about a product’s “added sugar” in addition to total sugar;
  • Removing information about total calories from fat; and
  • Requiring information about potassium and vitamin D content and omitting requirement for vitamins A and C.

Changes to the Supplement Facts for dietary supplements were also proposed.

The changes are based on new scientific evidence and a growing concern over obesity and other chronic diseases.  Additional information and a sample of the proposed new panel may be found at here.

The FDA will be accepting comments on the proposed new rules for 90 days.